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Serving Houston and the surrounding areas for fifteen plus years, MG Garden Designs creates healing gardens that spark beauty and connection for clients. Our ability to harmonize with the local ecosystem provides clients with healthy gardens that work with nature. We balance intellect, creativity, professionalism, and experience when designing projects. Our specialty is in the visioning process. Incorporating our client’s vision with an artistic and practical eye creates gardens that are welcoming and vibrant.

Mission Statement

Our intention is to design a space unique to your taste where people can go and feel connected to the beauty that emanates from nature.


MG Garden Designs works with clients in the full process of creating a beautiful garden. We offer design work and proposals using our client’s vision and our own artistic eye. MG Garden Designs serves as a general contractor and may subcontract installation work in addition to our garden services. This includes drainage systems, outdoor water fountains, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and landscape lighting. We also serve our clients through seasonal maintenance. MG Garden Designs has many years of experience in installing gardens for residential homes, restaurants, schools, ranches, and beach houses. Our capacity to create beauty and order within nature in a wide variety of settings allows for us to serve many different clients.

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Mari Graham Landscape Designer

Mari was born in Texas. With her Mexican heritage and native Texas roots, home is in the landscape of the wildflowers and Live Oaks.

Her love for plants began at a young age. Always playing in the dirt and planting seeds where she could, Mari is passionate about our connection with nature. She began her landscaping company as a young mom in West Houston through her creative design work. Eventually, she returned to school at Texas A&M to study Landscape Design. Her business flourished as she continued to install gardens at residential properties and businesses in and around Houston. Mari’s gift is her ability to create a vision of beauty and implement this vision practically and efficiently. She has experience creating sanctuary spaces in school gardens, horse ranches, beach houses, and more. Her vision is to invite beauty and health to come alive in the nature that surrounds our homes and our lives. Her philosophy is creating balance, order and beauty to bring about a sense of well-being.

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